Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability
Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES) has been working since 2010 to help community associations in Ottawa share ideas and achieve common environmental goals by uniting our voices. With a strong inner urban base, the CAFES network has been expanding our membership into Ottawa’s suburban and rural areas. We want to hear from you.
CAFES acts as a network between community associations and citizens who are working to promote environmental sustainability in our city and our neighbourhoods, sharing info on concerns, community events, best practices and research.
CAFES monitors city hall, especially what goes on at the City’s environment committee, making regular and well-received public delegations on issues of concern to our members. We have a solid advocacy record, scoring ‘wins’ such as strengthening the City’s Tree Protection Bylaw and getting the City to report annually on our greenhouse gas emissions.

CAFES Impact Report 2023

CAFES is pleased to present its Impact Report from 2023. Take a look to learn about our mission, mandate, vision, and what we accomplished in 2023! You can download and read the full report.
Open our Impact Report
Cover image of CAFES's 2023 Impact Report

We currently have teams working on input to the Official Plan, several climate initiatives, growing the urban tree canopy, improving solid waste management, and lobbying the city to divest from fossil fuels. Check out our Issues and News pages for a full list of our ongoing work. 

Do you have ideas for green solutions in your neighbourhood? Are you active in your community? If yes, join up with your community association and join the CAFES network. Because together we are stronger.

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