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Neighbourhood Tree Canopy Regeneration Initiative

We are continuing our Neighbourhood Canopy Regeneration Initiative! We are aiming to build the capacity of community associations in Ottawa to engage with their residents and to contribute to regenerating the urban tree canopy in their own community.

Sign up your neighbourhood group to participate in growing our urban canopy!

Order your free Trees in Trust promotional cards from CAFES by March 31 2023 (place order here). Distribute them in your neighbourhood to encourage residents to get the City to plant front yard trees on the city-owned road allowance.

In 2021-22 we worked with eight community associations on this initiative: Glebe, Hintonburg, Greater Avalon, Blackburn Hamlet, Champlain Park, Old Ottawa East, Alta Vista, and Queensway Terrace North. Along with the participating community associations, we are utilizing and promoting the existing City of Ottawa tree planting programs (e.g. Trees in Trust) for public spaces, such as front yard street allowance planting, and the Ecology Ottawa Tree Giveaway program for private spaces, such as backyard and side yard planting.

The tree cover (i.e. the total surface area of tree crowns) in the participating neighbourhoods as of 2017 is as follows (neighbourhood boundaries are taken from the 2016 Ottawa Neighbourhood Study and may go beyond boundaries recognized by individual community associations):

  • Glebe: 26%
  • Hintonburg: 19%
  • Greater Avalon: 6%*
  • Blackburn Hamlet: 33%
  • Champlain Park: 27%
  • Old Ottawa East: 24%
  • Alta Vista: 28%
  • Queensway Terrace North: 25%

*The boundaries have been revised to include the adjacent urban expansion area approved under the new Official Plan - this area includes a large extent of former farmlands.

To view the interactive tree map of the participating neighbourhoods, click here and select "Open in Map Viewer" in the top right corner (instruction video here)!

If you would like to volunteer to help canvass neighbourhoods and promote the regeneration of the urban tree canopy throughout Ottawa in spring 2022, please sign-up here!

Know of a location (e.g. front yard, park, school property) that could use a tree? Help CAFES identify plantable spaces for trees in Ottawa by adding the location to our interactive map!

Check out our Ottawa Urban Tree Manual.

For helpful canopy regeneration resources, click here.

See below for community association specific information:

Glebe Community Association website

Glebe Canopy Regeneration Project website - check out what the GCA is doing!

Glebe Report - Preserving leafy-green Glebe streets for future generations

The Glebe Community Association Environment Committee - Tree Team completed their fall 2021 soft launch of community canvassing, to be continued in spring 2022. Check out their Instagram page for updates!

Queensway Terrace North Community Association website

The Queensway Terrace North Community Association Natural Environment Committee will be community canvassing in spring 2022.

Thank you Ecology Ottawa!

We would like to thank Ecology Ottawa, a partner on this initiative, for making trees and tree care information easily accessible to communities in Ottawa. They held three Tree Giveaways with community association's participating in our initiative in October. Tree saplings were handed out to residents in the communities of Greater Avalon, Hintonburg, and Blackburn Hamlet. We would also like to thank Ecology Ottawa for donating the leftover tree saplings from the 2021 Tree Giveaway season to CAFES. Approximately 400 tree saplings were made available to community associations participating in our initiative. These saplings are being used for a variety of activities, including planting on a school property, community canvassing, and planting at a park.

Our Executive Director, Angela and Board Member, Dinah gearing up to canvas the Glebe with Ecology Ottawa saplings!

Little Forests Workshop

Check out our Little Forests Workshop with Rideau 1000 Islands Master Gardener Joyce Hostyn. Learn about Little Forests, an earth-centric approach to landscaping that helps restore our relationship with the natural world.

City of Ottawa Trees in Trust Program

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