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ACORN Eco-Tenant Platform Launch

CAFES attended an excellent event on Wednesday, July 3rd hosted by Ottawa ACORN, for the kick-off and public launch of their new Eco-Tenant Platform.

At the event, we heard the results of ACORN's Eco-Tenant Survey. Nearly 300 tenants were surveyed on climate change issues such as extreme heat in apartments, neglected repairs that result in tenant discomfort, higher utility bills, negative health impacts, and increased greenhouse gas emissions.

There were fantastic presentations by ACORN and guest speakers including CAFES' own Angela Keller-Herzog and Sarah Marquis from Climate Justice Ottawa!

We participated in some amazing, rich discussions with ACORN and community members on how all levels of government can better address tenants' biggest climate change concerns and how we can all get more involved to make change happen.

    Thank you to Ottawa ACORN for hosting such an enriching event. Visit the Ottawa-Gatineau ACORN website, Facebook, or Instagram @ottawa_acorn for more information!

    ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) Canada is a multi-issue, membership-based community union of low- and moderate-income people. ACORN believes that social and economic justice can best be achieved by building community power for change. Members fight landlords and corporations through direct action and fight for new and improved laws to protect their rights. Since 2004 ACORN has won several important victories including payday lending legislation, raises in the minimum wage, housing rights by-laws across the country, affordable internet program, disability rights and more.

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