Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability

CAFES at SMARTNet's Sustainability Showcase 2022

Yesterday CAFES participated in the 2022 SMARTNet Sustainability Showcase! The day was full including panel discussions and ask the expert sessions on topics including transitioning to a low-carbon future, heat pumps, passive homes and energy retrofits. Attendees were also invited to try out an EV test drive.

CAFES had a table set up alongside other great exhibitors including Ottawa Cohousing, Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op,The Box of Life, EnviroCentre, EcoGen, and more! We got to speak to Ottawa residents about CAFES, the Mayoral Debates on the Environment and other exciting projects we have been working on. CAFES Executive Director Angela Keller-Herzog hosted a discussion panel centered on climate and the environment with Capital Ward Candidates Shawn Menard and Rebecca Bromwich, with an audience Q & A session at the end. This discussion was a great chance for showcase attendees to learn more about these candidates’ thoughts on addressing climate and environmental issues in Capital Ward and beyond.

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