Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability


This autumn, CAFES Ottawa partnered with a sociology/anthropology class from Carleton University, in order to carry out the 2022 CAFES Ottawa Carleton University Community Outreach Project. 

The Carleton University sociology/anthropology undergraduate class SOCI 2180: Foundations in Community Engagement is being led by a professor named Deborah Conners. Professor Conners has been guiding the students and community associations through the community outreach project. 

The 2022 community outreach project will conclude with a series of presentations, which will take place in early December. 

The end of the semester is fast approaching, and we would like to welcome you to attend the CAFES Ottawa Carleton University Community Outreach Project End-of-Semester Hybrid Presentations, which will be taking place on Dec 8th. The event will go from 11:35am to 2:35pm. Guests will be attending virtually.

This fall, five CAs have been working with second-year sociology students at Carleton University on projects to engage diverse communities in climate change and climate resilience efforts. In this session, students will present the resulting projects, which include Instagram posts, infographics, videos, posters, press releases and news articles. Students will also analyze and discuss the insights they gained regarding community engagement, as they brought their conceptual learning in the course together with their experience of working on a 'real-life' project. 

This outreach project is a learning experience. We are learning about the challenges of doing community outreach during a pandemic. The COVID pandemic has highlighted the need for community outreach. After two years of coming in and out of lockdowns, people are isolated from society. We need to find ways to bring people together in a real way. We have to rebuild the community ties that were destroyed during the pandemic. 

Community Association Outreach Project List

  • Centretown Community Association
  • Dalhousie Community Association
  • Glebe Community Association
  • Hunt Club Community Association
  • Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition

We look forward to the end of year presentations, and we hope that a large number of people get to watch the presentations on December 8th. The presentations should be a lot of fun.

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