Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability

Climate Misinformation ToolKit Launch

February 28th, 2024: CAFES Launch of the CAFES Climate Misinformation Resource Page! 
Congratulations to the members of the CAFES Climate Misinformation team! Much work, editing and collaboration has gone into this new resource for the climate-aware community in Ottawa. Check it out here!

Where did this project come from? It may be news to some, that there's been concern about the widespread dissemination of climate change misinformation is taking place in different spaces. This resource was created to equip and empower you, to address climate denial and climate misinformation in your everyday life during conversations with family, friends and co-workers.

More than ever we need people to feel empowered to speak up, and confidently address the spreading misinformation and disinformation causing delay and confusion on climate action. This is the first round of issue briefs but it won't be the last. This project is ongoing, and there will be more research to come!

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