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Climate Action

Climate is a very important theme for many members of CAFES and the City of Ottawa declared a climate emergency in 2019. Point people on climate are Angela Keller-Herzog, Lauren Touchant, Mary Hegan and Joan Freeman; you can reach them at . We also periodically convene meetings of the CAFES climate caucus.

CAFES monitors the community and corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the City of Ottawa. After several years of advocacy led by CAFES, the City now publishes annual reports. CAFES seeks to hold the City accountable for staying on track to meet our targets, which are found in the Climate Change Master Plan

High priority issues include ensuring that Ottawa’s climate action plan and its 20 sectoral projects are funded and implemented (see Energy Evolution: Ottawa’s Community Energy Transition Strategy). CAFES is also advocating that our climate targets for 2030, 2040 and 2050 be included in Ottawa’s new Official Plan, which is our plan for how we are going to build our city. 

The main sectors emitting greenhouse gases in Ottawa are buildings and transportation. Motivated by our concern about the climate crisis, CAFES also follows issues around healthy and active transportation, and net-carbon zero and energy efficiency in buildings. We are keen to support and help share information about climate initiatives at neighbourhood levels. 

CAFES is also tracking the adaptation side of climate change, including regulatory issues. In June 2020 the City of Ottawa, in collaboration with the National Capital Commission and the City of Gatineau published a set of climate projections for our region (see Climate Projections for the NCR) and a snap shot of weather to come. We await also a vulnerability report and then a climate resiliency strategy from the City. 

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