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Sustainable Procurement

The CAFES point person on sustainable procurement is John Humphries and you can reach him at procurement@cafesottawa. The City of Ottawa’s Supply Services administers purchasing activities averaging more than one billion dollars annually. The procurement process is affected by many policies and directives and the resulting procurements impact on how effectively the City meets its plans and targets.

The focus of this CAFES group is to assess how the City applies a climate lens to its procurements and recommend any changes that could help the City more effectively achieve the targets in its Climate Change Master Plan. The CAFES group has initiated communications with Supply Services officials and has offered to be an external stakeholder body to explore new ideas regarding climate change and procurement in a critical but also supportive way.

The group plans to review the draft version of Supply Services’ updated Sustainable Purchasing Guideline, explore best practices for procurement in other municipalities and discuss procurements for end-of-life cycle replacements and how that’s linked to the City’s climate change targets. 

If you are interested in learning more, or wish to volunteer, please contact

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