There are many community environmental action areas -- from trees to be protected, to shore-line clean ups, rising awareness of up-river nuclear waste disposal plans, to climate actions. CAFES seeks to share knowledge, lend support to each other when it’s needed, and jointly advocate to the City. Our successes in the past have included protecting more trees by strengthening the Tree Protection By-law to recognize significant trees at 30cm diameter and getting the City to report on our climate emissions annually -- you can only manage what you measure!

Our Action and Advocacy Areas

Trees and our Urban Forest

CAFES Tree Co-Animators are Jennifer Humphries and Daniel Buckles. You can reach them at We advocate for City of Ottawa policies and practices that support a biodiverse and healthy urban tree canopy.

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Climate Action

Climate is a very important theme for many members of CAFES and the City of Ottawa declared a climate emergency in 2019. Point people on climate are Angela Keller-Herzog, Lauren Touchant, Eugenie Waters, Mary Hegan and Joan Freeman; you can reach them at . We also periodically convene meetings of the CAFES climate caucus.

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Water is life and Ottawa is the city at where three rivers meet. From stormwater protection to flooding which we expect more often with a variable climate, to microplastics in our water, to the protection of wetlands, to protecting the Ottawa River...

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Waste Management, Plastic Reduction and Circular Economy

The CAFES point-person for waste reduction and circular economy is Kate Reekie and you can reach her at CAFES engages in initiatives that aim to reduce waste and support Ottawa's transitioning to a more circular local economy.

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Urban Development and Planning for Sustainability

The CAFES point person for sustainable and urban development is Joan Freeman and you can reach her at The key question of whether we are building a healthy and livable city will be answered by what will be in the new Official Plan.

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Budget Watch, Climate Finance and Divestment

If you want to know what is going on or what are the real priorities, follow the money! Except in election years, the budget cycle is an annual event. Also in our advocacy portfolio is to encourage the City of Ottawa to divest our Endowment Fund from fossil fuels.

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Sustainable Procurement

The CAFES point person on sustainable procurement is John Humphries and you can reach him at procurement@cafesottawa. The City of Ottawa’s Supply Services administers purchasing activities averaging more than $1 billion annually.

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