Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability

Membership Defined

CAFES is a membership-based non-partisan organization. Membership can be individual or organizational.

Members elect the Board of CAFES at the AGM. 

Members agree to support the mission and mandate of CAFES. 

All Members are encouraged to:

  • Network and participate in the general members forum, thematic caucuses and the CAFES annual general meeting (AGM) 
  • Engage with their local community or citizens’ organization and volunteer in neighborhood initiatives
  • Advocate for more sustainable and better environmental outcomes at neighbourhood, ward and municipal level  
  • Work together, empower each other through learning and discussion, build knowledge, solutions, capacity and hope/inspiration collectively
  • Develop and maintain a respectful and inclusive culture

Organizational members are also invited to participate in CAFES Strategic Roundtables.

Member organizations also have priority in participating in projects coordinated by CAFES. Non-member organizations and individuals who wish to learn more about CAFES and its activities, are invited to participate, however members organizations have priority if capacity is limited. 

Membership Fees

Individual membership is $25.00/year. All legacy members of CAFES (from the google group) receive grandfathered free access to the new CAFES Forum.

Organizational membership is $100.00/year and includes designating two representatives, both of whom can access the members’ forum and vote at the AGM. 

Both individuals and organizations can apply for a waiver of fees if these exceed their capacity to pay.