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Here is what has been happening at CAFES recently

Infrastructure Master Plan: Tewin

On Thursday June 20th, CAFES gave a public delegation to the City of Ottawa's Joint Committee for their review of the Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP), which covers clean water, sewage and storm water infrastructure. The review of the IMP concerned the Tewin projected expansion in the South East of Ottawa. The controversial decision of adding […]

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Solid Waste Master Plan

CAFES marks the end of our four-year engagement with the City on the development of its Solid Waste Master Plan. On June 18th, CAFES made a public delegation to the Environment and Climate Change Committee on the final draft of Ottawa’s Solid Waste Master Plan. The Plan, which will guide how the City manages waste […]

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City Tree Programs: Pro-active planting, private land and equity

On Tuesday June 18th, CAFES presented a public delegation to the City of Ottawa's Environment and Climate Change Committee, which met to review early actions of the City's Tree Programs. City Forestry staff prepared a report outlining: The proposal for Forestry Services to begin pro-active tree planting on the Right-of-Way is a huge victory that […]

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Wildlife Strategy Review

On Monday June 17th, CAFES gave a public delegation on the City of Ottawa's Wildlife Strategy Review at the Joint Agriculture & Rural Affairs and Environment & Climate Change Committee Meeting. A report on City staff's review of the decade-old 2013 Wildlife Strategy was submitted to the joint committee, and outlined a 10-point plan to […]

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ACORN Eco-Tenant Platform Launch

CAFES attended an excellent event on Wednesday, July 3rd hosted by Ottawa ACORN, for the kick-off and public launch of their new Eco-Tenant Platform. At the event, we heard the results of ACORN's Eco-Tenant Survey. Nearly 300 tenants were surveyed on climate change issues such as extreme heat in apartments, neglected repairs that result in […]

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Tree Planting on Somerset St. Bridge

On Saturday June 22nd, CAFES and the Dalhousie Community Association, with support from Mechanicsville Community Association, planted 6 new Chokecherry trees in the planter boxes along the Somerset Street Bridge. This event was part of a Community Tree Planting Initiative led by CAFES to increase tree canopy in neighbourhoods, like Dalhousie, that need it most. A […]

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SPEAK UP for Climate Action: Virtual Dialogue

On Wednesday June 12th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, People's Official Plan hosted an excellent virtual community dialogue to give resources and support for residents to SPEAK UP for accelerated climate action in the City. Research shows that 71% of Canadians are concerned about climate change, but only about 20% are actually speaking up. This […]

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Coffee House on Sustainability: Basement Flooding

On Saturday June 8th from 9:30 - 11:30 am, we had an excellent final session of the Coffee Houses on Sustainability series, where the topic was on Climate Risks: Basement Flooding. The June 8th session on Basement Flooding was a wonderful gathering of industry partners, the insurance sector, community members, City of Ottawa staff and […]

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Renewable Energy Petition

CAFES has created a new petition to encourage the City of Ottawa to participate in the TRANSITION TO RENEWABLE ENERGY in the face of the Climate Crisis. We want our City to welcome and encourage the development of renewable energy and energy storage projects so as to enable Ottawans to benefit from energy affordability, increased […]

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CAFES Trees & Zoning Position Paper

CAFES has published version 1.0 of a position paper on Trees and the new Zoning By-law.  The paper demonstrates how zoning can regulate and protect space for trees and what specific zoning by-law regulations and metrics can create spaces for canopy trees to thrive to maturity. Some of our recommendations include minimum soil volume requirements, larger front yard setbacks, […]

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