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Here is what has been happening at CAFES recently

Bird Window Collision Workshop

On November 13th, CAFES partnered with SafeWings Ottawa and Carleton University to host an informational workshop to support Ottawa residents in their efforts to prevent bird-window collisions. About 250,000 birds collide with glass structures in Ottawa every year, and approximately half of these collisions occur in residential buildings. The workshop was part of the CAFES […]

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Help Save Plouffe Park

The City of Ottawa has plans to sell Plouffe Park, the only large green space and playing field in the Dalhousie Centretown West neighbourhood. Neighbours and friends of Plouffe Park are deeply concerned about this issue.  City Recreation and Real Estate staff are proposing major developments to Plouffe Park, the Plant Recreation Centre, and the […]

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Climate Resiliency Community Dialogues - Final Report

CAFES is excited to share our final report on the Climate Resiliency Community Dialogues. The first document below is the main final report, the second document is the annexes.

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CAFES Fundraiser Success - Brother Bones in Concert at Red Bird Live

On Friday June 30th, the musician group Brother Bones hosted a fundraiser for CAFES Ottawa in partnership with and held at the music venue Redbird Live. The fundraiser featured special guests including fiddler Alexis MacIsaac and saxophonist John Sobel. The fundraiser was well attended with every seat in the house filled. The evening began with […]

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Climate Resiliency Community Dialogues

As we continue to feel the impacts of climate change in the coming decades, it is critical that we prepare our communities. The City of Ottawa is currently developing a Climate Resiliency Strategy to identify Ottawa’s largest vulnerabilities and create an action plan to mitigate these in the face of climate change. The City’s Climate […]

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CAFES 2023 AGM Recap & Introducing the New Board

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our AGM on March 22nd! Over 75 of you joined us to hear about what we achieved in 2022, and to discuss what you appreciate about CAFES and what you hope to see from us in 2023. We had a chance to discuss what we appreciate about […]

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Letter of Concern Regarding Tewin (Ottawa) to One Planet Living

March 14th, 2023 To: Sue Riddlestone, President, Bioregional; Joe Pitts-Cunningham, Team Leader, One Planet Living framework Subject: A letter of concern regarding Tewin (Ottawa) From: Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Ecology Ottawa, Greenspace Alliance for Canada’s Capital, Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability, Horizon Ottawa, Citizen Climate Counsel, Peoples Official Plan Coalition (CC-ed) _______________________________________________________________ The concerns we […]

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CAFES Impact Report 2022

CAFES is pleased to present its Impact Report from 2022. Take a look to learn about our mission, mandate, vision, and what we accomplished in 2022! You can download and read and download the full report below:

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CAFES Public Delegations on Budget 2023

CAFES made public delegations to two standing committees on the city’s Draft Budget 2023. Planning and Housing Committee The first was made by Mary Stuart at the Planning and Housing Committee meeting on February 15th, 2023. Mary spoke about the need for incentives to meet the city’s green building standard, the High Performance Development Standard, […]

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CAFES Environment and Climate Recommendations for Term of Council 2022-26

CAFES is proud to present its Environment and Climate Recommendations for Ottawa City Council's Term of Council Priorities. Looking forward at the 2022-26 Term of Council, CAFES has presented a set of recommendations for setting term of council priorities. The document is the result of several months of work by a team more than a […]

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