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Opposing the Nuclear Waste facility at Chalk River

The Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, a private sector consortium led by SNC Lavalin, intends to build a near surface disposal.

facility (NSDF)  for low and intermediate nuclear waste, including plutonium and high activity cobalt-60, at the Chalk River Laboratories upstream from Ottawa. This development presents a threat to the health of nearby wetlands, but also to the quality of our drinking water in all urban centres downstream of Chalk River (Pembroke, Ottawa, Montreal). 

The Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, Water and Waste Management met on March 30, 2021 when the motion on Chalk River nuclear waste and concerns for the Ottawa River was discussed. You can watch the recording of the meeting here. The motions regarding chalk river are in the minutes, starting on page 2.

The CAFES position letter is here; a growing number of community associations are writing their own letters and contacting their councillors. Please consider making a 5 minute public delegation, either as an individual or on behalf of your community association. Details on how to register as a public delegate are on the last page of the Agenda (attached). The City of Ottawa streams all committee and council meetings at:

For more information please check out the recent town hall discussion on this, or  contact Eva Schacherl of the Council of Canadians, Ottawa Chapter, at

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