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Save Hunt Club Forest

The Hunt Club pine forest is at immediate risk of being clear cut by the Ottawa International Airport Authority (OIAA). On Monday November 28th, the OIAA moved forward with their decision to clear the forest and harvesters began cutting a section of trees. Please take action now to stop the OIAA from removing any more trees and save this treasured greenspace for local residents. 

The Hunt Club pine forest was planted over 60 years ago with the intention that the pines would be used for telephone poles and lumber. After it was sold to the federal government, the land was not maintained and as a result the space flourished into a diverse forest filled with many plant and animal species. Today, the forest is widely used by nearby residents who enjoy being able to escape into this peaceful, tranquil space in the middle of a busy urban neighbourhood.

For years, the OIAA has been claiming the forest is a “safety” issue. Despite these claims, local residents report no risk, and during the 2022 Derecho the forest only saw a 2% tree loss. Furthermore, prior site assessments conducted by foresters have provided many optimistic solutions for how the forest could be thinned and maintained going forward.

The decision to completely clear such a large urban greenspace during a climate crisis cannot be justified. In order to stand by their own commitments to climate change, the federal government should intervene and delay the OIAA’s decision in order to find a way to save the forest.

You can help by:

1. Sharing the letters below to Minister Guilbeault (Minister of Environment of Climate Change), Minister Rodriguez (Minister of Transport), M.P. McGuinty (of Ottawa South), and Mark Laroche (CEO of the Airport Authority).

2. Visiting the Save Hunt Club Forest website to learn more.

3. Staying informed on this situation by reading the following news articles:

Andrew Duffy, Ottawa Citizen November 27th 2023 

Nicole Williams, CBC, November 21st, 2023 

Nicole Williams CBC, November 23rd, 2023

Ted Raymond CTV News, November 20th, 2023

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